Monday, March 03, 2008

The VISTA Acroynm - Audience Participation

OK, I'm not, in a million years, gonna 'dis' a large organization which has more lawyers than I've had hot dinners, but I did recently buy a new personal computer. Ive spent a little time (when I wasn't trying to get the godforsaken piece of cr*p to install and run a simple program) wondering how much more pleasurable my experience would have been if the unnamed organization diverted some of its lawyer-spend into obtaining a few top class Quality Assurance Engineers (or maybe even a couple of half-wits testing for an afternoon might make a difference).

You may feel that I'm, perhaps, a little upset by or that this posting is in some way inspired by the preceding admission on my part. I couldn't possibly confirm or deny such an assertion, should you make it...

Anyway, if we were to assume that the word VISTA is in fact an 'extended-extended-TLA'[1], what, in fact, could it be an acronym for? I shall start the ball rolling here, but plead for my readers to contribute by adding comments - the best of which I shall move into the main body of the post. Don't be shy, stick your name in the comment so I can 'attribute' correctly.

  • Verifiably Infuriating, System Trashed Absolutely
  • Violence Inducing Systematically Toxic Appliance (thanks PC!)
  • Venerially Infectious Sexually Transmitted Abhorrence
  • Vicar, I've Shagged The Altar-Boy
  • Very Important Software To Avoid
  • Vacuous, Inadequate, Substandard, Trashy Abomination
  • Viciously, I've Strangled The Authors
  • Victory! I've Switched To Apple!
Right, Over to you lot. Bring 'em on!

[1] extended-extended-Three-Letter-Acronym

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rod said...

Voles Invariably Seem To Abdicate

Vista Installation? Suffer Total Apoplexy (note the recursion)