Thursday, November 22, 2007

An Infectious Beat

I was chatting with my mate Pete the Podcaster the other day when he mentioned that one of our mutual friends had paid him a complement by describing his podcast as 'infectious'.

Now, he's a modest bloke, is our Pete, but the podcast is dear to his heart and he spent the day with a warm and comfortable glow about him, imagining our mate Richard tapping his feet, drumming his fingers on his desk, humming tunelessly and generally pissing off anyone within 50 feet of him in the office. "This," he doubtless thought to himself, "is what I do it for." So, as he admitted to me, it had rather wounded him when the chap in question informed him that he didn't mean he'd been indulging in a bit of "creative commons karaoke", he meant that the podcast had given him the flu.

Braver readers of this blog who, undaunted by its content, have taken a look at the recommended links to the right and treated their ears to either of the podcasts run by the Codger and the Kid will know that both of these individuals have had colds over the past few weeks.

I've been listening to both of them, and I've had an absolute bugger of a cold. So what if there's a grain of truth to this suggestion that you can catch something from a podcast? This is a little worrying.

So, partly because Ive had nothing better to do for the last half hour, partly because it was a fascinating quest, and partly (more about this later) to provide a spot of audience participation, Ive searched for some genuine podcasts, available for subscriptions through the itunes podcast directory which might possibly leave you with more than you bargained for. So, if you believe this kind of rubbish, and value your health, may I suggest that you think twice before listening to:

  • News Pox

  • Radio Rabies

  • Ebolaworld

Now the audience participation bit - There are painstakingly accurate drawings of the viruses responsible for the cold, rabies, ebola and pox on to days post. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to identify which is which...

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to say, If you havent listened to either PCPodcast or Suffolk'n'Cool yet, why not give them a go. As far as Im aware, at time of writing you'll end up with nothing worse than a hangover or a mild case of athlete's foot. Good luck!

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