Thursday, November 29, 2007

Double Take

In response to Monday's grumblings, one of my dear readers who remains "Anonymous" said...

I want to congratulate the Grumbler on his forthcoming TV comeback . It's been a long wait. So, are Dave and Freema as nice as they appear on TV?

So, this left me wondering - are they likening my Alchemistic-Ape-Altering device to the humanoid cloning experiment conducted by General Sontar resulting in the fearsome race of Sontarans, or is this a weak attempt by someone who knows me to liken my own handsome self to a "Doctor Who" monster, hmmm?

Well, I'll leave it to a 'Private Eye' style lookalike picture for you to judge for yourselves...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

In hindsight, yes, it was a pathetic attempt to compare the Grumbler's boat' ** to that of a Sontaran. It's almost as outrageous as the Grumbler's (an accomplished artist and propagandist) using his Action Man (
as a model for himself.

** boat' = boat race = face (cockernie rhaaming slarng, Maary Poppins)