Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Street Life

So, I was reminded today about the photograph you see to the left, of my good friend Matthew. This was taken when both of us happened to be in the fair city of San Fransisco. It was some years ago now, and we were much older then than we are now.
Since Matthew claims Welsh ancestry, I found the opportunity to take a picture under such an appropriate street sign irresistible.
Of course, Matthew was keen to return the favour but, would you believe, even in that most cosmopolitan of cities, there is no street called "Miserable Old Fat Bastard".
I see the makings of a series here. If anyone knows where they can find a genuine street called 'Codger' please let me know so I can drag my mate Pete off poste haste for a photo session...

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Anonymous said...

During your travels Mr Grumbler, have you come across the old Codger's pole?