Sunday, December 10, 2006


I want you to know something about flying - although, if you are a seasoned traveler (like me) you may already know.

Its really boring.

Still, when you've missed the start of the movies for the 4th time, you do get time for 'musing'. This can be dangerous.

The airline I patronise (and I use the term deliberately) has in its first class cabin an in flight beauty therapist and masseuse. Of course, on this occasion I was in the cheap seats, so no luck for me, but I have availed myself of her services in the past and its very nice too...

I was on my way to Las Vegas where, apparently, anything goes. And, according to the slogan, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Applying this principle to the aforementioned in flight therapy, I was given to wonder whether there might, in these days of tarnished morality, be a business opening for, shall we say, a more 'full service' airline.

I reckon there would. But what might we call it?

Well, how about Aerofrot?

More musings from sin city soon, ttfn...

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