Friday, February 12, 2010


A new word occurred to me recently while I was listening to a fellow in a meeting 'socialize' some ideas and simultaneously concentrating really hard on not chewing my fingers off in a futile attempt to find something more painful than the presentation in hand to take my mind off of the drivelstream(tm) I'd haplessly managed to jack into. I was trying to think of a less Anglo-Saxon version of my treasured favourite "F*ckwit".

At least, I think its a new word, because I got no hits on Google when I looked for it.

Whizklutz (noun)
(1) An individual who thinks they are a whizkid, but are sadly mistaken
(2) An individual who's klutziness is apparent to new acquaintances within microseconds of first contact.

As with all new words, I shall be utterly delighted if I ever see anyone else use it. I can only live in hope :)

Drivelstream: Technologically facilitated delivery of audiovisual bullshit to a mass audience.
Example: "I see the XXXXX party has their annual conference available by drivelstream".

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