Thursday, August 06, 2009

Preparing for my retirement?

You know, you've gotta love the IT industry.

No, I mean it quite literally, if you don't love the folks I work for, they send the boys round to "do" you...

Actually, its not so bad, they're a pretty good bunch, and they train us for all manner of life's little wrinkles. Management training, presentation skills, data privacy, you name it, there's a course for it.

This new one's a humdinger though! Mindful of the credit crunch and the likely effect on our pension schemes, they're giving us the opportunity to sleep rough outside the office so we know what's waiting for us when "gold watch" day comes!

If you don't beleive me, then check this out... Oh, but before you do go over there, have a listen to my pal Dudley Saunders, and have a think about 'unslapping' a child - that'll get you in the mood I need you in when you get to my site... ... and thanks, in advance...

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